Direct exchange

Free mover opportunities:

UPB students can also study at a foreign university as so-called “free-movers,” meaning you can study for one, at most two semesters without being part of a specific exchange program. There are plenty of universities you may able to apply as free-mover student. There is some cost to study as a free-mover student. Also, you must be nominated by UPB international office.  Some examples are:

Country University Cost/tuition fees
Astonia Astonian Business School € 2040/semester
Austria FH Wien € 400/semester
Belgium ICHEC Brussels Management School


€ 600/semseter
Croatia University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business € 1100/semester
Germany University of Bremen NO cost
Italy Universidad Pisa € 400/semester
Lithuania Vytautas Magnus University € 900/semester
Portugal Lisbon School of Economics and Management Euro 350/course
Spain Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Between 23,09€ to 113,71€ /credit