How do I apply


You need to fill application form for admission. There are two types of forms that are available. One is for the exchange students and other is for freemover students.
You need to send following documents with your application:
Admission Letter
Once your complete application is received (post/email?) we will send you the admission letter (from our side) within two weeks. Should you need the letter via email (scanned) or fax, please let us know.

Application deadlines are:

30th of April for the period of study starting August 1 (subject to change)
31st of October for the period of study starting February 1 (subject to change)

Once we have received your application (post/email?), we will send you the admission letter within a week by email.

Tuition fees

Overseas exchange students joining UPB do not pay tuition fees (normally). Freemovers are expected to pay normal UPB tuition fees. For exact information about fees please contact international office.

Courses and language skills

At our university, most of the courses are taught in Spanish. There are number of courses are or could be taught in English. This is particularly true with business faculty. Please inquire with international office about the courses that can be offered in English.
In any case, you must be good level of language skills to study at UPB.

Spanish language course

One month prior to each semester an advance university level Spanish language course is offered. You must have adequate knowledge of Spanish to join this course.