Once admitted

Once you are admitted to Universidad Privada Boliviana (UPB) either as an exchange student or as a freemover, please look into the following section.
In this section you will find information that will help you prepare for your stay in Bolivia.

Student Visa

All international students need student visa. Contact Bolivian Embassy or Consulate in your home country or country of residence.
Should you need any help from us please do not hesitate to contact us.
For reference purpose, please see the following link. Please note that the requirements may differ from country to country


The university does not provide university student accommodation. All outside students rent private accommodation. We would suggest you to stay in any reasonably price hotel (we can provide information about this) for the first few days. Once you are here, you can find accommodation. Your buddy can help you to do this. The quality of accommodation varies. Many times you can find well-furnished accommodation at a reasonably good price. It is cheaper to find accommodation in Cochabamba than La Paz. In Cochabamba you can find a decent furnished, self-contained apartment for about $200-250.


Please take health and injury insurance in your home country, prior to your arrival

The budget

The approximate living cost per month in Cochabamba could be (per month):
Housing (decent , self-contained and well-furnished)
$200 – $250
Food (eating food out at least twice a day)
$200 – $250
Travel ( by university bus or transport called Trufi
$20 – $30
$30 – $60
Entertainment and sports
$50 – $100
Books, printing and photocopying
$50 – $100
Clothes and toiletries
$30- $50
$30- $50


Cochabamba airport is primarily a domestic airport, unlike La Paz or Santa Cruz. If you choose to come to Cochabamba, you need to come via either La Paz or Santa Cruz.
Please notify your arrival time and airline details. We will ensure that someone will come to collect you at the airport. Please do not forget to take relevant telephone numbers of UPB, in case the delays in flights occur.

Local Transport

We prefer you to travel back and forth to the university by university bus. It is the safest mode available. The other mode such as Micro bus called as “trufi” in Bolivia are quite safe as well. If you want to travel by taxi, please choose “radio taxi”.

Before your departure:

Transcript of Records
Once all your grades are published, we will issue your Transcript of Records automatically and send it to your home university via regular mail. You will receive a pdf copy via email. The Transcript contains a list of your courses and the respective grades and amount of ECTS obtained. Within the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), courses are assigned a certain number of credits which reflect the work load required for the course. The credits are awarded when a course is successfully completed. Please mind that for those exams you did not pass or did not attend you will not get credit points – they will, however, appear on the transcript.